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    Adobe Premiere Pro – Quickstart 1 Day | 7 hours | $650 PLUS TAX

    Creating short videos is becoming an indispensable skill. In this one-day workshop, you will learn the the quickest and best methods to get going with Adobe Premiere Pro. You will practice editing footage. You will add sound and graphics. This is just the basics - nothing too complicated - and it might be exactly what you need. Prerequisite: Basic computer skills. 

    After this one-day course, you will be able to
    » start and finish an entire video project
    » import video, photos, and graphics
    » perform basic editing
    » work with music and audio tracks
    » create your own titles
    » export your finished video

    » Round Table (tell us about you)
    » Touring the interface and workspaces

    Setting Up
    » Importing media
    » Viewing and organizing assets
    » Moving, copying, and deleting assets
    » Creating sequences
    » Your plans and strategy

    Basic Editing
    » Marking and sub-clipping videos
    » Playback controls and keyboard shortcuts
    » Ripple, roll, razor, and slip edits
    » Moving clips and swapping shots
    » Video and audio transitions

    » Setting audio volume
    » Keyframing audio volume

    Stills, Titles, and Graphics
    » Adding and adjusting stills
    » Making adjustments

    » Quick export
    » Common export settings
    » Using the Adobe Media Encoder

    » Exercises to practice your new skills

    • Online:
    • Jul 06
    • Aug 06
    • Sep 11
    • Oct 18
    • Nov 05
    • Dec 09