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Over the past nine years we have worked with thousands of happy customers.
Here is how some of them describe their experience:


Just wanted to say thank you for the great class last week. I learned a lot and found the class very interesting and informative. You are definitely a great resource of expertise and knowledge. I really love InDesign and the more I learn, the more I love it. Jessica, April 2015

Thanks for keeping the course open for me. I learned so much in two days with Cooper. He taught me things I didn’t know I needed to know, and took the time to work through my project. Today, I sent the final work to my manager who was very impressed. Hugely satisfying. Suzannah, April 2015

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, and found all the information very useful. Would have preferred the course to be longer in order to visit some of the InDesign tools in more depth, but everything was covered. Kate, April 2015

The course was exactly what I was looking for. It didn’t take a ton of time and I learned everything I need to do my new job. Sarah, April 2015

I am very grateful for the skills I acquired from this course. When the instructor told me that by the second day I would be comfortable using InDesign, I didn’t believe him. But he was right. I am very excited about what I learned in just 3 days. I would highly recommend this course. Elena, April 2015

Everything was excellent. Peter was very knowledgeable and friendly. He was a great instructor. The course material was exactly what I was looking for. Dave, April 2015

Everything was excellent – the course, the instructor, and my classmates! Really learned a lot. Darlene, April 2015

I thought the course was well presented and covered everything I need to know from a basic-intermediate point of view. Dave was exceptionally helpful and very clear in his explanations. Triona, April 2015

Our instructor was patient and really knew his stuff. The practice exercises were super helpful. Katherine, April 2015

Fantastic course! By the end of it I felt very confident with Indesign. Sydney, April 2015

This was a very comprehensive course! Ben was patient, clear, concise, and extremely helpful. Jenn, April 2015

This course has changed the way I look at my publications and the design considerations that go into them. A highly useful course that immediately allowed me to channel my creativity for maximum effect. As always with Training Toronto, the personalized instruction and resource materials made an already-good course superb. Loree, April 2015

Back in the office, I was amazed at how quickly my document came together. And the final product is clean and professional looking. I am very glad I took your class. Not only did I learn a new skill, but I am also saving CPAR lots of money. Thanks. Kathy, April 2015

Hi – just a quick note to say thanks for making it fun to learn InDesign. I didn’t think that was possible. Dave, you’re such an excellent instructor that I’m at my computer and I actually know what I’m doing Katherine, April 2015


Good class, good pace. The course material was perfect and James was happy to stop and answer questions about how his instructions related to my jobs at work. Tinni, April 2015

The training exceeded my expectations. You guys are really good. Derek, April 2015

The class size (5 people) was perfect for this type of training. Basically we had almost one-on-one attention while we were doing the exercises. The instructor was really attentive. Tara, April 2015

The instructor was very knowledgeable and ensured we covered the specifics of what we wanted to learn as well as the basic lesson plan. Good course! Jason, April 2015

Worth every penny. The techniques and creative add-ons were presented in an easy-to-understand format and the personalized setting allowed us to get the most out of the training. The resource materials allowed us to continue to learn and enhance our skills even after leaving the course. Fantastic! Lori, April 2015


I loved that we could talk freely about issues that we were having on certain projects at work. We were able to discuss problems and figure out solutions on the fly. Shannon, April 2015

Perhaps you could give instructional handouts to go along with exercises in case we want to practice at home. Laura, April 2015

What a good course! James was great at keeping us on track, well organized, and very willing to stop and help. The exercises were perfect. Sheena, April 2015

It was fantastic and the instructor was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop. Caitlin, April 2015

The course was great. The pace of the class was perfect – not too fast, not too slow. Giles, April 2015

Michael was really knowledgeable and was happy to answer any question that popped up during the course. He was also very respectful and professional. From my perspective it was exactly what we were looking for. Thanks again. Carmen, April 2015

I wanted to thank you for the amazing class yesterday. Lauren and I learned a lot! I came into work excited to apply all the things I learned yesterday 🙂 Sara, April 2015

After Effects

Great instructor, and the facilities were great as well. Paul, April 2015

I think the delivery was great, it was what I demand from a trainer. Kudos to Ben. He seemed to be very very in tune with the students. Jamie, April 2015

This course was great and really helped me to get re-acquainted with the software. I’m now very comfortable with the interface and feel that I can extend what I have learned to suit my needs. The instructor was well versed in all aspects of the program and was able to answer all of my questions. He made the experience very straightforward and enjoyable. Amanda, April 2015

I just wanted to thank you for the After Effects course. I finally had a chance to use those skills and I’m really happy with the motion graphics!! Also, you should see how perfectly organized my work area was in AE. 🙂 Sabrina, April 2015

Final Cut Pro

What I liked best is that Jason works in the industry so he showed me tips that would probably take years to learn on my own. Cool course. Greg, April 2015

The material was great. The teacher was awesome, and having a small class meant lots of one on one time. Melissa, April 2015

A quick note to say how much I enjoyed your Final Cut Pro training workshops this week. They were very informative and easy to comprehend. You are a thorough and engaging instructor and that made all the difference. Jeff, April 2015

Presentation Design

I wanted to thank-you for all of your valuable tips during the Effective Presentation Design course I recently attended. I have already made use of several things that I learned and have been able to share a few too. Audrey, April 2015