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    Document Design in Word 1 Day | 7 hours | $550 PLUS TAX

    A well-designed document reflects well on you because a good page layout makes any document more readable. Your audience is more likely to read and remember it. In this course, you’ll learn how to use basic design principles to make your work attract attention. After this course, you will be proud of your Word documents look, and surprised at how much time you saved making them. Prerequisite: Solid foundation in MS Word. 

    This course introduces you to the basic principles of good design. You will learn techniques for creating attractive documents using text, graphics and other visual elements. During this course, participants will use Microsoft Word, but the design concepts apply to documents created in any software application.

    » Essential design concepts
    » The design process
    » Organizing text and graphics
    » Font choice and other type options
    » Working with space and lines
    » Selecting and adding images
    » Working with colour
    » Working with various publications
    » Using white space effectively
    » Marketing material
    » Common design problems
    » Tips for outstanding design

    Learning Outcomes
    Participants should be able to use basic design and layout principles to create a range of attractive documents, like:
    • resumes
    • cover letters
    • business letters
    • reports
    • proposals
    • invoices
    • certificates
    • forms

    • Online:
    • Runs on request