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    Microsoft Excel – Level 3 2 Days | 14 hours | $549 PLUS TAX

    Are you an advanced Excel user? Do you need to consolidate data from several worksheets, work with external data, or perform What-IFs? Would you like to learn how to use macros or create rolling charts? This two-day course will teach you all that and a whole lot more with sought-after techniques and formulas. Where the entire class is using Excel 365 or later, you will be introduced to the exciting new Dynamic Array formulas. Prerequisite: Knowledge of Excel 2 

    You will become comfortable with:

      • » Using Power Query to efficiently consolidate data from multiple sheets


      • » Using Power Query to effectively transform “unclean” data for Pivot Table analysis


      • » Establishing data relationships to creating Pivot Tables sourced from the Data Model


      • » Advanced conditional formatting with rules


      • » What-IFs using Scenarios, Goal Seek, and Solver


      • » 3D formulas


      • » Macro recorder to save time performing repetitive tasks


      • » Using Offset to create rolling charts


      • » Various sought-after Tips and Tricks (no macros)


      • » Exciting Dynamic Array formulas (with Excel 365 or later)


      » and more…

    You will benefit most from this course if you:

      • » Consider yourself an intermediate/strong Excel user and want to ramp up your productivity


      • » Work with data sourced outside Excel or data that may need “cleansing”


      • » Are comfortable with functions such as: VLOOKUP, IF, and know how to use named ranges


      • » Know Excel tables, filtering, structured references


      • » Know basic conditional formatting


      » Have built and used basic Pivot Tables
    • Online:
    • Jul 23-24
    • Aug 20-21
    • Sep 18-19
    • Oct 15-16
    • Nov 20-21
    • Dec 23-24